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Dear Valued Patients,

Please take a look at our guidelines for the reopening:

Reopening Guidelines

Rest assured, all these procedures are designed to create the safest environment for you, other patients and our team.


As well, with all the changes and guidelines that have been given to us through our governing bodies, it is required that you contact us by phone or email to schedule your appointments and to answer any questions you may have.


Please contact us at Phone: 416-621-2550 or Email:


Thank you for your patience and loyalty throughout this ordeal. We value your trust and look forward to welcoming you back!




Mouth Guard

A mouth guard helps you safeguard and protect your teeth from bruxism (grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw subconsciously). This will protect your teeth from damage and restore quality to your sleep.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening removes discolouration caused by aging, smoking, tobacco use and much more.

Dental Examination
Regular dental examination will help you keep you oral health in an optimum condition

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are matched to your existing teeth which are stained, chipped, uneven, or crooked. Veneers are used to modify the appearance of your teeth.


If you’re already self-conscious about your smile, traditional braces that attract even more attention to your teeth may have held you back from improving your alignment. That is, until now!

No Metal Brackets

Our office offers Invisalign® as an alternative to traditional braces in Etobicoke. Invisalign involves custom-fitted, removable trays that are changed about every two weeks; progressively straightening, aligning and improving your smile. The Invisalign aligners are clear and virtually unnoticeable to those around you. However, others will notice that you smile more often!

Advantages of Invisalign

Depending on your individual situation, the Invisalign procedure usually takes about a year; but the results are undisputable. There are other advantages to Invisalign beyond the aesthetic nature of the treatment:

  • The removable trays allow for easier cleaning and oral hygiene practices
  • Normal brushing and flossing regimens can be maintained
  • Trays can be removed when eating
  • Irritation from metal braces is avoided
  • Properly aligned teeth aid in chewing, speech, gum and bone health

Ask About Invisalign

If you’ve been avoiding straightening your teeth due to the nature of traditional braces, ask us about Invisalign on your next visit.

Teeth Whitening in Etobicoke

If your teeth have lost their pearly white, healthy appearance; you are not alone. Aging, diet, injuries and many other factors cause teeth to dull and yellow. At East Mall Family Dental we offer teeth whitening in Etobicoke.

Safe When Supervised by a Professional

With the rise of personal appearance television programs, teeth whitening has become a popular dental procedure. Whitening is a mild bleaching process that restores stained or discoloured teeth to a healthy, natural colour. It is very safe under the supervision of a dental professional. At East Mall Family Dental we have trained professionals that know the safest procedures to have your teeth whitened in Etobicoke.

Why Do Teeth Discolour?

The results from whitening can last for as long as a year – and with touch-up treatments (at home) every few months, results can last even longer. Touch-ups are especially useful for patients who drink beverages that are prone to stain teeth: such as coffee, tea and red wine. Other reasons for tooth discolouration include:

  • Aging: The dentin under the enamel of a tooth darkens
  • Smoking or any tobacco use
  • Accidents causing a dead nerve
  • Root canal therapy

Find the Best Solution for You

Some patients may experience heightened tooth sensitivity or mild gum sensitivity during treatment, but these symptoms are only temporary and disappear within a few days after the treatment is finished. Feel free to ask East Mall Family Dental about professional tooth whitening in Etobicoke, as well as over-the-counter agents. Together, we can compare treatments and determine which solution will be most effective for you.


Bonding can lighten any stains on your teeth, close up minor gaps and correct awkward-looking crooked teeth. Bonding itself is a composite resin filling placed on your teeth. Composites are the materials used for restoring decayed teeth, making cosmetic improvements and even changing the colour and reshaping of teeth. Bonding has become a common procedure and can usually be completed in one short visit.

How is Bonding Done?

The bonding procedure starts by first applying a thin coating on the front surface of your teeth to which the bonding material is applied. Bonding material can be sculpted, coloured and shaped to provide just the look and feel you want.

Bonding May Be Your Solution

Next time you’re in East Mall Family Dental, ask a dentist if bonding can improve your smile. It may be just the solution you’ve been seeking.

White Fillings

Do you have silver fillings in your smile? Do they cause you to hide your teeth when you speak? Are you allergic to metallic filling?

Better Filling Material

Amalgam or metallic fillings were the standard practice until recently in dentistry. The amalgam was needed for its strength, especially on chewing surfaces and for large cavities. These filling materials made the filled cavity completely obvious and sometimes corroded and leaked, blackening the silver and often the tooth itself.

Strong, Yet Comfortable

White or composite fillings are made of a porcelain-like material that actually bonds to the tooth for a tight seal. The material is strong enough for chewing surfaces and lacks the sensitivity associated with amalgam fillings. Cosmetically, white fillings are stain-resistant and colour matched to your natural tooth – making the fillings almost invisible.

Let Us Help!

If you’re unhappy with the silver in your smile, talk to us about white fillings. East Mall Family Dental can replace your amalgam fillings with natural looking, comfortable composite fillings.


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