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Our Dental OFfice in Etobicoke: Tell Us How We’re Doing

At East Mall Family Dental, we work to get you quality dental care in Etobicoke so you can lead a healthy life. Whether you’re looking for a new dental office to polish your pearly whites, or you’re an existing patient with extended dental needs, call us to book an appointment. We make it our business to provide you with optimal oral health. Browse through our dental testimonials and see what our patients have to say:

Superb Services

Dr. Steve and his team are the best - from the moment you step in you're immediately welcome and the service hands-down is superb. Thank you!

Deane C.

Professional and Caring Dentist

A very caring and decent professional human being, Dr. Steve understands the fear that most people have associated with going to the dentist and he aims to make your visit a pleasant experience. Great staff also.

Frank S.

Relieves Dental Paranoia

Dr. Michaelidis, I appreciate both the professionalism and the excellent customer service and care given by the entire staff at East Mall Family Dental. Dental paranoia is something that I suffered from since I first went to the dentist as a child. Then I discovered dentistry anesthesia and dental appointments became easier because I was totally 'out of it.'

It was a big step (and I am grateful for) to discover your practice and 'gentle dentistry.' I truly enjoy coming to your practice. I fully appreciate my hygienist visits with Anna - I have never looked forward to any kind of dental experience, but I come out of my appointments with her actually laughing (and no laughing gas either). Her level of professionalism, and the TLC she gives all her patients is great. She goes above and beyond to make me comfortable and carefully explains all my questions and concerns. For this I am grateful.

Bonnie P.

Friendly Dental Team 

I used to be terrified going to the dentist, until I started going to Dr. Eic. Her patience and chair side manner makes me feel so comfortable that I no longer fear going to the dentist! Great and friendly and helpful staff as well!

Only Positive Experiences

I’ve been a patient at East Mall Dental for 10 years now, and have had nothing but positive experiences. The front desk staff are always courteous on the phone, and return my calls promptly when I leave a message. My hygienist, makes my teeth feel clean and smooth every time I come in for my regular appointments. She's also very thorough in educating me on the best ways to take care of my teeth at home. Thank you everyone!

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